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                                   Not As Simple As It Seems: Dominant Hand Doesn't Determine
                                                       Dominant Foot Or Dominant Eye

Gosh, there are so many threads connected to dominant
hand issues, and some of them I stumble on completely
by accident. One of these happy accidents happened
when I was at a puppetry intensive workshop last summer.

I was talking to one of my puppetry project partners about
left and right hand differences--the conversation had
started because of handedness considerations when
performing with puppets, and meandered from there.
Suddenly she exclaimed: "Try being right-handed and
left eye dominant, like I am, and having to shoot a gun!"

It was the first time I had considered the relationship of
dominant eye and dominant hand. Then I wondered why
she would have trouble with gun shooting--couldn't she
get a gun that would work for a left dominant eye at her
local gun store? It turns out it wasn't that simple. She had
had a career in the military, and had to use their standard
issued guns. Although all the guns are made right-handed,
which suited her handedness, the gun sights are only made
for right dominant eyes, which made it almost impossible
for her to shoot straight. So, her hand was made for that
noninclusive world, but her eye excluded her!

Like so much of the old research the relation of dominant eye was just assumed to be the same as dominant hand,
which in this case could be a deadly assumption.

There are other times when knowing which eye is dominant is a good thing, such as when looking through a camera
viewfinder or shooting an arrow.
This archery link has a good description of dominance eye factors, and how to
determine your dominant eye.

Talking about dominant eye and hand relationship made me think about dominant leg, and whether that's related to
dominant hand. And again, the place to look at this was in activities where dominant leg is important, such as sports
and dance. It turns out that dominant leg isn't always a match with dominant hand either. Dominant leg affects
turning ability, and stability, so it's important to know which leg is which, even if your physical activity is more in the
form of walking or climbing on a stool to reach a high shelf.
Here's a link to a skating site which does a good job of
discussing dominant leg.

So, all this means that everyone can take a little time playing the 'which of my leg is dominant, which of my eyes
is dominant' game, instead of just assuming the dominant hand rules all--fun! And one more way to get to know
ourselves as we really are, so we can maximize success.

                                                                           And that's fun too!


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