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                 Maximizing Scissor Using Success, No Matter Which Hand You Were Taught To Use!

A lot of us left-handed people were taught to use right-handed scissors, whether we wanted this or not. It's also led
to a long silly time where left-handed scissors were considered a vague afterthought by schools and parents, if they
were considered at all. Is it important? Yes. The dominant hand is the one responsible for fine motor activity, and that
includes cutting with scissors. A left-handed person using their right hand is at a disadvantage--scissor cutting will
automatically be less precise and more awkward. The same thing would happen if a right-handed person used
left-handed scissors.

I'm one of those people who was taught to use scissors right-handed. Didn't think much about it, except that I didn't
like how the things I cut looked next to whatever my right-handed neighbours cut. And, it propelled me away from
activities requiring precise cutting--not a good thing.

Then one day I got a pair of left-handed scissors. Did I put them in my left-hand and say 'Hallelujah?" Well, no. I tried
them out, and they felt strangely okay, but awkward in a different way. My mind was happy to just try them out, but
there was still little coordination in my left hand. In order to use them effectively, my brain would have to teach
scissors 101 all over again, this time to my left hand.

And human nature was something trying to stand in my way. Humans naturally gravitate to things they don't have to
think about, and work at learning something until this is the case. So although my brain did like the feel of the
left-handed scissors, it wasn't too happy about spending time and effort re-learning a skill unless it was absolutely
necessary. It wasn't until I realized I didn't need to completely use one hand over the other that learning a new trick
became easier. I could switch from one hand to the other, which is particularly useful in art, as long as the tool let
me do this. My left-handed scissors were fine, they could be held upside down if I decided to use them right-handed.

But there were all these so-called 'ambidextrous' scissors, easily available in the stores--I'd had to send away for my
left-handed scissors. I decided to test the 'ambidextrous' scissors, and came away annoyed. It turns out these scissors
have a right-hand bias, which means the only time a person can see where they are cutting is when they hold them in
their right hand--this makes them useless for accurate left-handed cutting.

So what's the solution? Get yourself left-handed scissors you can turn upside down if need be, even if you have to
send away for them. That way, you're covered no matter which hand you use--in essence, you will have great
'ambidextrous' scissors that work for left-handers. This cartoon summarizes the frustration, and the solution!

Tip: Left-handed scissors with equal handles, rather than the ones with a big hold on one handle and a little hole
on the other, are best for left-handed friendly 'ambidextrous' use. They also are great left-handed scissors! Where are
some places to get them?

DeSerres (deserres.ca)
Scholar's Choice (scholarschoice.ca)
Amazon.ca (www.amazon.ca)
Lefty's The Left Hand Store (leftyslefthanded.com)
Anything Left Handed (anythinglefthanded.co.uk)
les Gauchers (lesGauchers.com)

Once you've maximized your scissor cutting success, have fun making some great holiday decorations!
I know I will!


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