Welcome to The Left-Handed Lowdown!

The Left-Handed Lowdown was formed to examine old, incorrect information about left-handedness; examine new,
correct information; use the true information to support left-handed learners; and share effective teaching tips.
This researched information is not only for the at least 1 in 8 wonderful people who are left-handed;
it is also to inform wonderful right-handed people. The Left-
Handed Lowdown provides information hand over fist!

                                  Making Our Work Areas More Comfy And Efficient
                                            Through Dominant Hand Mindfulness

                        How Should Our Work Areas Be Set Up For Maximum Efficiency and Comfort?

For left-handed people, equipment and materials should be on the left, so that work can move in a left to right
direction. For right-handed people, equipment and materials should be on the right, so that work can move right
to left. For example, a left-handed person would pick up a pencil with the left hand, moving with it towards the
paper, which would be to the right. For a right-handed person, the opposite would be the case.

                                             Why Don't We Always Do This, If It's So Important?

As with the glass working instructor, it's a simple lack of mindfulness. But the good news is that it is easily
remedied! In fact, after awhile it's more like a game. The next time you're looking at your desk set-up, for
example, check out whether it really works well for you. And for all you avid gardeners, check out whether that
potting soil is on the side that best suits you! If it isn't, and you want to feel more comfy, be sure to move it.

                                Is It Only A Few Places Where Dominant Hand Direction Matters?

No! This kind of left to right/right to left dominant hand direction is seen for many, many tasks, and in many
instances. For example, the next time you're preparing food, take a look at how you've set up your work area.
How about where those tv remote controllers are? And how about your kitchen cupboard, bathroom counter,
your workbench, gardening shed or closet?

                                           How Much Of A Benefit Is It To Be Mindful of This?

It's huge. Not only is it safer to have materials that are easily accessible, but it makes the task less fatiguing to do,
and reduces (sometimes eliminates) muscle strain. Best of all, it's an easy fix!

                                                              A Bonus for Teachers!

Being mindful of whether materials are set up according to dominant hand work direction (materials to the left of
left-handed students, materials to the right of right-handed students) means less mess, and less stress, for

                                                             A Spontaneous Example

I was oiling my wooden recorder the other night, and realized this could make a good example of dominant hand
work direction, so I took pictures!

I used the set-up in the left picture for maximum efficiency and comfort, since I'm left-handed. I picked up the
brush in my left hand, dipped it in the oil, and moved it to the recorder. But if I were right-handed, I'd have used
the set-up in the right picture. Setting up to maximize my left-handed work direction was an easy way to make
this task more fun and efficient to do!

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Have a Happy

Ever felt like you're all thumbs when trying to work on something, and
can't seem to do the job efficiently? It's possible that your work space
set-up is going against the direction in which your dominant hand works
best, and you aren't aware of it!

This isn't only a left-handed issue. I once had a right-handed glass working
instructor who had four students, two left-handed students and two
right-handed students, in a workshop class. Our work stations could be set
up to accommodate handedness differences. But the instructor always
automatically went to a particular station to demonstrate what we were do;
the problem for her was that she was right-handed, and the station was set
up left-handed. It was terrifying to see her reach awkwardly over the flame
again and again to get at equipment and other materials that were not set
up for her dominant hand direction. Luckily she didn't get burned, but it
did cause her stress--and it caused her class stress too!

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