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The Left-Handed Lowdown was formed to examine old, incorrect information about left-handedness; examine new,
correct information; use the true information to support left-handed learners; and share effective teaching tips.
This researched information is not only for the at least 1 in 8 wonderful people who are left-handed;
it is also to inform wonderful right-handed people. The Left-
Handed Lowdown provides information hand over fist!

           The Reality of Finding Left-Handed Office and School Supplies, And Where To Find Them

Basically, it's the same as anything else--don't assume, just buy the same tools for a left-handed user as you would for
a right-handed user, which includes something as basic as a pencil sharpener (they work differently too!)

                                                   A Bonus For Teachers!

Teachers can let parents know where to get school supplies for their left-handed children. They themselves will be
able to order left-handed supplies that they know will work. And they will be able to relax, knowing that they are
maximizing the success of all the students, by encouraging the use of proper tools designed for left-handed learners
as well as those designed for right-handed learners.

Once I Make My List, Can I Actually Get These Tools?

The simple answer is yes, thanks in large part to the internet. The suppliers listed ship all over, for reasonable prices.
But I've had to spend a fair amount of time hunting down where the tools live, and testing what works. They are not
at all as easy to access as right-handed tools, particularly in physical stores, and it isn't any better in large cities--yet.

This lack of ready accessibility is something that absolutely needs to change. But until this happens, here's a list of
places to get a person started acquiring left-handed tools.

Where To Get Supplies, What The Suppliers Have

DeSerres (deserres.ca): Left-handed scissors only. All prices are CDN.
Scholar's Choice (scholarschoice.ca): Maped left-handed pencil sharpener; Left-handed scissors. All prices are CDN.
Amazon.ca (to access the greatest range of products, in 'search' type in: left handed supplies): a variety of
left-handed items, including pens. Note that they list a left-handed pencil grip--I haven't tested this, so I can't tell you
if it works or not.
I haven't found the triangle pencils to be more useful than a regular #2 pencil. The pens work, and Amazon has a good
variety of scissors, and other left-handed items, including computer mice, and more unusual items. All prices are CDN.
*Big note: The pencil sharpeners Amazon lists are way over priced, and can be gotten elsewhere (they aren't usually
listed with the other left-handed supplies--they come up if in 'search' you type in: left handed pencil sharpener).

Something extra cool Amazon has, especially good for the office worker: A separate number keypad, so that you can
input numbers with your left hand. I've used the left-handed computer keyboard, but ended up finding the separate
number keypad with a regular keyboard to be much more helpful (and, it's a cheaper solution). (In 'search' type in:
Number pad).
Lefty's The Left Hand Store (leftyslefthanded.com): They used to be more of a souvenir store, but have branched out
over the years in a very good way. They sell items packaged together as well as separately, and if you sign up for their
newsletter you can get specials--the shipping specials are especially handy!
Note: The left-handed pencils are just HB pencils--what makes them 'left-handed' is the writing on the side, which a
person can read right side up only when held in the left hand (regular pencils only have the writing right side up when
held in the right hand). All prices are U.S.
Anything Left Handed (anythinglefthanded.co.uk): They used to be a physical shop in London, England, and now are
a virtual store from England. They have a number of items, a newsletter, and other tidbits on their site.  All prices are
n British pounds.
les Gauchers (lesGauchers.com): An information site and shop from France, in French. Lots of very cool information,
tidbits, and products. All prices are in Euros.
Happy Left-Hander's Day, Everyone!


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Even now it is difficult to find the tools a left-handed person needs in
order to have the same chance of success a right-handed person is
given. Yes, this very much should have been changed completely long
ago, but is still inching along. Why? A big part of the problem is that
there are some people who still don't believe there is a problem--they
assume that the tool must be readily available or, if it isn't, that there
wasn't a need for it in the first place,even though they would never
assume this for a right-handed person. Another part of the problem is
that of accessibility--even when people want to buy the tools they
have trouble finding them, and sometimes it seems impossible, so
they try to get along with a less effective tool, which fatigues the
brain, the body, and the soul.

                                  But Is It Really Such A Big Deal?

Yes! Success cannot be maximized unless a person has the proper tool
to use. Sometimes people who are not using a particular left-handed
tool like to debate whether another person 'really needs' that
left-handed tool; it's like judging whether another person 'really
needs' size 8 shoes, especially if you yourself take a size 6.

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