Now it's time to make sure we get those equality needs met. Easier said than done. Because at the moment, left-handed people
are used to being ignored or dismissed, sometimes verbally insulted too when they raise a concern related to their dominant
hand difference.

Time for all of us to remember to speak up, and, knowing the law is on our side insist on being heard, respected, and our needs
addressed. And, it's important to remember that all countries are not yet being inclusive, and support those left-handed groups
as they continue to struggle to gain equality.

Moving forward, the Lefty Lowdown will continue to examine up to date information about all areas relevant to dominant hand
differences. Knowledge is power, which is fun to have and fun to use!
               Thanks to the recent passing of Bill S-201, it is now illegal in Canada to discriminate against
genetic characteristics. This of course includes left-handedness, which was proven genetic (LRRTM1
gene) in 2007, by C. Francks, et. al..

This means the needs of left-handed people will no longer be under the whims of whoever is in charge,
and we
must be treated equally. Time to celebrate!!!

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Welcome to The Lefty Lowdown Newsletter!

The Lefty Lowdown was formed to examine old, incorrect information about left-handedness; examine new,
correct information; use the true information to give support and options; and share effective teaching tips.

This researched information is not only for the at least 1 in 8 wonderful people who are part of the left-handed group;
it is also to inform wonderful right-handed people. The Lefty Lowdown provides information hand over fist!