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Welcome to The Latest Left-Handed Lowdown Newsletter!

The Left-Handed Lowdown was formed to examine old, incorrect information about left-handedness; examine new,
correct information; use the true information to give support and options; and share effective teaching tips.

This researched information is not only for the at least 1 in 8 wonderful people who are part of the left-handed group;
it is also to inform wonderful right-handed people. The Left-Handed Lowdown provides information hand over fist!

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Easy, Often Overlooked Fix: Maximizing Success Through Tool Placement
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We use our hands for tasks constantly. The first, very important way to maximize success is making sure we aren't being discouraged
from using our left hand as dominant when we're doing tasks. The second is having the correct left-hand dominant tools available.

But a third way is to take into account where we place those tools. Left-handed people need to have tools nearest our dominant hand, on
the left. This makes it easy for us to pick up a tool and start work.

The problem is we might not always be aware of this and have our tools on the right, which requires us to awkwardly reach over our
body to get to the tools we need. Why might we not be aware of good tool placement for us? Well, the odds are we've been taught by
right-handed people, who automatically put tools on the right, and are generally unaware any other tool placement exists. Even when we
are taught by other left-handed people, there's no guarantee that they are setting down tools to the left, since--well, the odds are they
too were taught by right-handed people.

This isn't just the case in the home. Teachers tend to place tools for all students on the right without thinking about it, and left-handed
students don't realize they might need to move the tools to their left. Usually, even in instructional videos on youtube or instruction
books, the placement of tools is pictured using a right-hand tool placement. Tool placement is huge in other day to day areas too.

What kind of tasks are we talking about where proper tool placement is important? Lots! Any basic, day to day task like writing or
drawing or painting (wall painting too!) or cooking or sewing or working at a desk or doing a fitness class or wood working or doing
laundry--in short, any task that requires us to have tools set out around us while we work. Not only do we need the correct tools for the
job, but we need to know where those tools need to be placed so that it maximizes efficiency, and success.

Ever feel clumsy or awkward doing a task? Check that tool placement--usually the tools have been set out (even, without thinking, by
you!) to the right of you instead of the left. If that's the case, time to start changing that placement. This, along with using the correct
tools, will solve a lot of issues.

Once you start noticing, you'll be amazed at the many, many tasks where tool placement is so important. And then it can quickly become
a fun game, one where you can easily spot and correct improper placement, to get that great win of maximizing success. As a bonus, you
can let others know about tool placement too (right-hand dominant as well as left-hand dominant), so that everyone can have a better

Examples of Situations Where Orientation Direction Can Affect Your Day:

Working out at the gym, feel like you're always fumbling for your weights, towel and water bottle? Make sure you put them on the floor
to your left. It will be easier to get your water and towel, easier and safer to lift your weights.

Closet organization not going well? Check and see that your clothes are organized for a left to right direction (starting at the left of the
closet, moving right), and see how that works.

Can't ever find your glasses? Maybe you've been taking them off with your right hand and putting them down to your right.

Where is that danged pepper?! When making a meal organize the ingredients so that they are at your left, in easy reach of your left
dominant hand.

Does your left-handed child not want to brush their teeth? Try placing their toothbrush holder and toothbrush to the left of the sink, so
it's easier for them to use.

Why is it so awkward to get that laundry done? If you're putting clothes into the washer, make sure your laundry basket is on the left,
and that the laundry soap is to your left. When unloading clothes from the dryer, make sure the laundry basket is now on your right side,
so that you're unloading clothes from your left into the basket on your right.

Find it aggravating to work at your desk? Make sure the placement of your items is left oriented, e.g., note paper  and pens on left, copier
on left. You might have to shift some right-hand placed items if sharing your workspace with others, but the minor time spent doing this
will be well worth it. Also, if you're required to input a lot of numbers, consider getting a separate key pad, so that you can put it on the
left side of the desk and key in numbers with your left hand. These key pads are so worth it!
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