Sheree A. Bradford-Lea (SABL)
Cartoonist and Leather Artisan, Sculptor

'Cures for a
Crabby Day'
Biography In a Nutshell...

I'm a freelance cartoonist and leather artisan based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
I have a wonderful and supportive family, who are fun and inspiring too!

Since 1994 my cartoons and humour writing have been published in various
publications. I title my cartoons 'Life Outside The Box' unless it's one of my
cartoon strips. The title 'Life Outside The Box' isn't always displayed, it depends
on the publication in which the cartoon(s) are featured.

My mixed media art is exhibited in galleries and other locations throughout the
Ottawa area. I have worked in theatre productions in Hamilton, Toronto,
Stratford and Kingston, and had script work produced. My articles on cartooning
benefits have been published by journals and educational magazines.

I create and sell one of a kind creations through my company, SABL Creations
Ottawa. These include artistic, one of a kind handmade leather hand bags,
which I started making a few years ago when I fell in love with the possibilities
of vegetable tanned leather.
Please note: Have fun, but don't copy. All cartoons, other artwork and content contained on this
website are the creations of Sheree Bradford-Lea, copyright 2020 for viewing enjoyment only, on
this site only. For all inquiries please
Contact Me.