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Happy March! For this happy month,
every day will feature a link to a
famous person (or persons)!

March 1st, Barbara Ann Scott, Canadian
Championship Figure Skater!

March 2nd, Shelley Taylor, American

March 3rd, Elisa Paloschi, Canadian
Documentary Filmmaker!

March 4th, Jane Bunnett, Canadian Jazz

March 5th,
Marie Richardson, American
Union Leader!

March 6th,
Lilian Lenton, British
Suffragette, WWI Veteran, known as the
female 'Scarlet Pimpernel'

March 7th,
Joyce Wieland, Canadian Artist!

March 8th,
Everyone involved in the
American 1972 movie 'Stand Up and Be
Counted'! Because it's more than about the

March 9th,
The Weather Girls American
Singing Group, especially when singing '
Raining Men'!

March 10th,
Hilda Terry, American

March 11th,
Anne Marriott, Canadian Poet!

March 12th,
Buffy Sainte-Marie, Canadian
Songwriter, Musician, Activist!

March 13th,
Joanie Rochette, Canadian
Olympic Figure Skater!

March 14th,
Sandra Bell-Lundy, Canadian

March 15th,
Canadian Female Inventors!

March 16th, Cyndi Lauper, American Rock
and Roll Musician! Here's one of her early
Girls Just Want to Have Fun'!

March 17th,
Shonda Rhimes, American
Writer, Producer

March 18th,
Morrow and Jasp, Canadian

March 19th,
Ada Lovelace, British

March 20th,
Natalia Makarova, Russian
Ballet Dancer, Choreographer!

March 21st,
Carol Kaye, American Studio
Musician, Bass Player!

March 22nd,
Dora Mavor Moore,  Canadian
Actor, Director, Teacher, Canadian Theatre

March 23rd
, Lady Anne Blunt, British
Adventurer, Artist, Violinist, Author, Arabian
Horse breeder, Daughter of Ada Lovelace!

March 24th,
Margaret Atwood, Canadian
Writer, Inventor, Libretto Songwriter,
Activist, Cartoonist!
Here's a sample of her
very cool cartoon work!

March 25th,
Vi Milstead, Canadian Pilot,
WWII Veteran

March 26th,
Marlo Thomas, American
Actor, Writer, Producer, Activist!

March 27th,
Ginger Smock, American
Jazz Violinist!

March 28th,
Everone Involved in The
Creation of SWAN Day!

March 29th,
Callie Khouri, American
Writer, Creator, Producer, Director!

March 30th,
Everyone Involved in The
Creation of the movie 'That's What She
Said'! Not only a great buddy movie, but also
The Bechdel Test in reverse!

March 31,
Ellen Louks Fairclough,
Canada's First Female Federal Cabinet
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on this website
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very talented
Monica. Thanks,
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March 30, 2015 Editorial and Cartoon:

A NEW Tim's Loop Hole? Say It Ain't So!
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